Pastoral Exhortation

Personal Devotion

Written by Rev (Dr) Prabhudas Koshy Sunday, 08 January 2017


Personal worship or devotion is a time when each individual devotes himself to meditation of God’s Word and prayer, as a special means of communion with God. During this special time of individual worship, singing of psalms and hymns can enhance one’s adoration and worship of God. Such a special time with God can be observed early in the morning or in the evening. Some devout Christians, like Daniel of old, would even have their personal time of worship with God three times a day (Daniel 6:10, 13; Psalm 55:17)!

Private worship is most necessary to one’s faithful, triumphant and fruitful Christian life. It is also the root of family and public worship. A man who neglects personal worship would fail to render genuine and fervent family and public worship. Just as he who labours must have his three meals, a fervent Christian must also have his spiritual feeding and communion with God daily.

Some have argued that there is no express command in the Bible to instruct people to observe daily personal worship or devotion. On the contrary, the Bible records very many injunctions to continual meditation of God’s Word and prayer, as well as examples of personal worship by godly men (such as Daniel), for us to follow.

Consider the following biblical commands that call us to daily and frequent devotion of His Word:

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Now, consider the biblical exhortations to pray often, and to make prayer a continual habit:

Daily feeding upon God’s Word, and communing with God in prayer and worship songs, are essential to our souls’ spiritual nurture and strength. How can we, who claim to love God, be satisfied without having communion and worship of Him?

Brethren, begin and end your day with the Lord. Let your souls be daily renewed and enriched in His presence through His Word and prayer. We should not view prayer as a mere religious performance; nor should our prayers be vain repetitions of asking for some material benefits that we need from God. Rather, it should be the joyful claiming of God’s promises that we read in His Word. As one puritan, William Gurnall, said, “Prayer is nothing but the promise reversed.” He also said, “The mightier any is in the Word, the more mighty he will be in prayer.” If you are regular in your personal devotion, you will certainly be mighty in the Lord. ■