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Daily Devotion

Matthew 11:28



Matthew 11:28

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


Herein is a special invitation from the Lord Jesus Christ to those who "labour and are heavy laden." The Greek word for "labour" (kopiao) suggests "working hard to the point of fatigue". It is also a present active participle verb, which indicates those who are in the process of wearing themselves out with toil. The words "heavy laden" translate a present passive participle Greek verb (phortízō) which means "being overloaded". Together the words "labour and are heavy laden" convey the idea of people's weary search for relief from the crushing load of sin and guilt, and all the problems of a sin-laden life. Many are frantically and tirelessly wearing themselves out, trying to earn their own salvation and to find lasting peace to their troubled souls.

Jesus kindly invites to Himself all who wore themselves out to find relief to their sin-plagued lives. Having recognised their utter inability to find rest to their souls, Jesus tells them that their salvation is not by their hard work but by coming to Him as the Saviour and Restorer of their souls.

Have you been distressed and worn out by your inability to find joy and peace to yourselves? Have you been overwhelmed by your sins, foolishness, anxiety, fear? Jesus then tells you that you should no more labour to find rest, but to go to Him at once, acknowledging your utter inability to deliver your weary soul.

You should not remain obstinate and rebellious any longer. Do not wander from the merciful and gentle Saviour, who calls out to you, "Come unto me". Let not your pride and folly cause you to despise His gracious call any more. Let us bid adieu to our false confidence, vain pursuit of worldly glory and self-righteousness, self-justification, etc. Let us draw near to the most compassionate Lord who beckons us that we may be comforted and our souls may find the rest that it desperately needs.

Jesus promises the weary who would come to Him, "I will give you rest." This is not an offer of a life of idleness, or inactivity, or leisure. Instead, it is the promise of divine peace and tranquillity that come through the application of His pardoning grace by His Holy Spirit, the Comforter. The spiritual rest that Jesus promises is the gift of salvation and all its accompanying blessings that restore and rejuvenate our souls.