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Daily Devotion

Psalm 37:5



Psalm 37:5

5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.


Life is a journey that we should never take without the LORD. Our journeys must be with Him. We must begin our journeys with Him, continue with Him, and end with Him. The whole course of our life must be committed to the LORD.

All the affairs or businesses of life must be committed to the LORD in prayer. All of them must be considered only if they are in accordance with His Word. If His Spirit and His Word prohibit us, let us not travel that path. Let us stay with Him. We need Him every step of the way to bless and guide us.

Without the LORD travelling with us, we will be stranded and be hindered by the hazards along the way. If He is with us, we can commit our burdens unto Him. So, if you have gone astray from Him, stop at once and return to Him. Call upon Him and cast your burdens upon Him in prayer. Ask Him to guide you forward. Remember to stay with Him. Do not go any further in your rebellious ways. Do not follow those who journey without the LORD. Do not envy them; neither desire their dainties. Stay with the LORD; He will guide you all the way.

Remember the astounding promise in our text today – “trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Who can promise us to bring to pass all that we should do in life, but the LORD? Oh, what an exceeding great and precious promise the LORD gives to us today! Every step of the way, He will guide us. Every burden on the way, He will bear for us. Every care on the way, He will attend to provide. Therefore, if we would commit our ways unto Him, He will faithfully perform His part, and will not disappoint our expectations (though that may happen from time to time as chastisement for our unbelief).

So, seek the Lord’s direction in every endeavour of your life. Seek His wisdom to discern the right and proper way and to make decisions correctly. Seek Him for strength and assistance to perform your daily duties. Tell him all your cares and fears, and believe that He will pave the way forward for you. Depend upon Him for success, and give Him all the glory. Truly, He shall bring it to pass!