Pastoral 2017

Report of Bible Witness Web Radio (BWWR) Ministry

Written by Melissa Mah Sunday, 11 June 2017



Through the Bible Witness Web Radio (BWWR), the power of the Gospel preaching has been brought to the hearts of many people over the past 10 years. BWWR resounds long after the preacher has descended the pulpit of Gethsemane BPC and also of sister churches. (Please read the short words of thanksgiving below, from some BWWR listeners. Praise the Lord that the message that Pastor preached in 2011 – “The Prayers of Apostle Paul” – continues to work even 6 years later in the hearts of those who heard it for the first time.)


From Singapore

I had always been looking to listen to Christian radio online. And it’s always so hard to find. I was glad when I came across this, and it’s something so close to home, thank you.

Please continue to bring His message to Singapore and the rest of the world.

BWWR’s Reply

We are glad that you find our broadcast useful and you are tuning in. We pray that we will continue to increase and publish more good and edifying Christian materials for our listeners worldwide. Appreciate your prayers for this ministry, and do continue to tune in!


From Singapore

What wonderful programmes on BWWR!

I love to turn on the radio whenever I can. It is so comforting and I found peace by listening to it.

Thank you so much for your hard work.

God bless!

BWWR’s Reply

Praise the Lord, it is always a pleasure to hear from our listeners, and we are truly thankful for this opportunity to declare God’s truths through this channel.

We broadcast many sermons, messages and music that will minister to Christians and encourage them in this life’s journey to press on upward and forward for the Lord.

May His name be praised and magnified!

By the way, if you have been blessed by our broadcast, the ladies, men’s and youth weekly programmes are available for “on-demand” listening on our website, and available for listening at any hour of the day.


From Australia

Hi, I have been listening to the web radio recently and would like to know how to share a particular message with a dear sister in Christ. I can’t seem to find it in the search column.

The title is “The Prayers of Apostle Paul” (2 Cor 12:8-9) preached by Rev Prabhudas Koshy. Please advise.

BWWR’s Reply

The message you hear on our radio is not for download; however, we would be happy to send it to you personally for the edification of other Christians. I’ll find it in our archives and send it to you asap.

Our Goal

This ministry – to publish the truths of the Gospel throughout the world with clear, faithful preaching – is a great duty that the Lord has entrusted to Gethsemane B-P Church. Everywhere, there is a great need for the pure Word of God to be heard. It is not just at the time of the 16th-Century Reformation that the battle for truth was fought. We are at another “dark age” of Christianity. Christians today are lost in a sea of false preaching and are confused about what Christianity ought to be. Many do not have access to Biblical preaching throughout the world, and this includes Singapore, as one of the emails received indicates.

All the more then should we do our Gospel duty by sounding out the Word of truth. That is why the BWWR motto is “Preaching the word of God and edifying the body of believers”. BWWR makes every effort to sound out the message that Jesus saves, and there is no other way, no other Saviour, no other Rock on which to build our lives but Christ. As long as such Internet technology exists, we can utilise it to propagate, defend and teach the truths of the Gospel, even unto the next generation.

Our Plans and Challenges

Praise the Lord that towards the end of last year, the Lord provided us the means to upgrade our Bible Witness Media Ministry recording system, with the ability to produce better quality music. So in addition to preachers’ faithful preaching, more men, women, youth and children must join us to sing and play hymns and spiritual songs, read the Scriptures, and contribute to various BWWR programmes. Everyone can do his part to publish the glad tidings of the Lord Jesus, that sinners may be freed from their despondency and filled with the hope of Christ.

Thank God for Bro Eric Delina who has completed his FEBC theological studies and can now fully devote his time on our Internet ministries. Praise God for some brothers who are working on the Bible Witness app to make it more functional. Please also pray that we may be able to keep our web radio “virus-free” to run our programmes, as we do encounter threats from hackers who are on the prowl to destroy websites like ours. The BWWR ministry is in its 11th year; however, we are not functioning as effectively as we desired to do in the work of the Lord. In order to overcome our shortcomings and produce a better quality web radio broadcast, we need more skilled co-labourers, especially those who are willing to give their lives and talents to the Lord in full-time service in media ministry.

More upgrading of audio equipment, computers, servers, software, etc. are needed in the coming months and years for improvements. We pray that God will bless us with more funds and skilled co-labourers.

Dear brethren, this Gospel door is open to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It was set up to publish words of exhortation and comfort to needy souls throughout the day, and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as He commanded: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Ours is a small work, but may God be pleased to grant us increase in the days ahead, that millions of lost souls in the world who are hungry for the Word of truth will be fed.