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Pastoral 2017

Praying With One Accord


These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication…” (Acts 1:14).

This a report on the patient and prayerful waiting of 120 followers of Christ, including the apostles (except Judas Iscariot), after His ascension. They were facing a hostile and uncertain future after the Lord has been captured and killed by the dwellers of Jerusalem. Yet they had a mandate from their Master to fulfil in that city, even to preach Christ to those who crucified Him, before they move on to other parts of Judea and then to the ends of the earth. Their situation was indeed very dire. What would they do? Call for a planning meeting? Or hire famous consultants? Or quit being followers of Christ and go back to their old professions like fishing and tax collection?

They resorted to an upper room in Jerusalem so that they might pray together. There, with one accord, they besought the LORD for guidance and help. It was the only solution that the infant church had in their dreadful circumstance, but the best. Soon they received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – whom Jesus has promised them – and they were empowered to be bold and effective witnesses of Christ! Though the adverse circumstance only got worse, they did triumph over all the intimidations, needs and obstacles and the church grew in number and in spiritual strength. The church continued in prayer, and their prayer meetings grew in frequency and in size.

Beloved Gethsemaneans, in the New Year, many challenges, burdens and difficulties lay before us in the service of our Lord. Besides all the regular ministries and their burdens, we are much pressed in our hearts and minds because of the urgent need for premises to accommodate our growing ministries, resources, staff, etc. Though we desired to accomplish it by the end of 2016, our best efforts have fallen far too short of fulfilling it – whether it be funds or registration of CLG. We cannot be disheartened nor become lethargic. Though we have not yet achieved what we have desired in the Lord to do, we must continue to strive joyfully, especially to pray, which is most necessary. With one heart, we must come together to seek the Lord in prayer.

Gethsemane Bible Institute (GBI-Online)

ECCLESIOLOGY (Systematic Theology V)
by Pastor Koshy

Topics to be covered:

  • Universal Church
  • Local Church
  • Church Government
  • Sacraments of the Church
  • Church Membership
  • Covenants: The Old & New, Israel and the NT Church, etc.

Day: Every Wednesday night,
Time: 7.45pm-9.15pm
Duration: 11th Jan – 17th May 2017
Venue: TGCM premises
(Transport from Punggol MRT station at 7.30pm.)
Only 16 places available.
Please register at the reception table today!

Another important project that we have in 2017 is the Missionary Conference (June 5th-9th). We have planned to bring our missionaries and pastors in fellowship with us together for the conference that will be held in Kuching, Sarawak. It is an important work to strengthen our world-wide Gospel endeavours. We need to have a fund of $50,000, which is yet to be accomplished.

It is high time for us to come together with one accord to pray, even with fasting. So I call you, together with the elders, preachers and deacons, to begin this New Year with a month of fasting and prayer on Tuesday nights. Throughout the month of January, we shall seek the Lord with fasting (except those who are unable to fast for medical reasons) during the Tuesday night prayer meetings.

We thank God that about 120 Gethsemaneans, young and old, regularly get together on Tuesday evenings to pray. Our prayer meetings have been the “granary” of divine provisions. We love our prayer meetings because of the divine presence and blessings that we experience.

I urge all the members and regular worshippers to make every effort to come for the prayer meetings. Let us come together with joy and earnestness. Surely, we will find all the wonderful divine provisions of wisdom, strength, faith and boldness to meet our many tasks, needs and problems.


A Letter from Lions Home

Ablessed and joyous Christmas to you and your ministering team, who have brought the good news of our Lord’s saving grace to our beloved residents.

It is an honour and privilege for Lions Home to serve as a venue for the extension of God’s Kingdom. Of course, I would urge the Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church to continue your ministry both in Bedok and Bishan for the year 2017, according to the schedule as you have stated.

We have had no negative feedback regarding your visits thus far. We will certainly be open to share with you, if there is any.

Grace and peace be with you and your team.

Doreen Lye
Chief Executive Officer
Lions Home for the Elders
9 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579804



Pastoral Exhortation