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Pastoral 2016

Seniors’ Ministry 11th Thanksgiving Service


The Gethsemane Seniors’ Ministry exults in the Lord with praises of thanksgiving for His bestowal of His bountiful love and blessings for the past 11 years. We marked this anniversary occasion with a special thanksgiving held on 7 April 2016 at Aloha Loyang Resort. Praise God for giving us clear, beautiful weather on that blessed day! With joy overflowing from our hearts, we gathered to commemorate and recount the Lord’s abundant grace and mercy which we have witnessed and tasted in our lives.

The meeting proper began in the morning with the worship of God in singspiration, followed by a devotion message on “God’s Benefits to Christians” by Rev Tan Kian Sing, taken from Psalm 103:1-6. After the devotion, sisters in our midst testified with their voices in singing praises to God. We then had a Gospel outreach to the eleven unbelieving relatives and friends who had been invited by their loved ones to join us.

After the lunch break, the “sporting” seniors gathered at a nearby field to contest in friendly games. The elderly “competitors”, who were divided into four teams, certainly had a memorable time engaging in the games. We thank God for His protection and a good time of fellowship with the saints.

In the evening devotion, Pastor Koshy exhorted us from Psalm 116:12-19, on the importance of “Christians’ Gratitude towards God’s Benefits”. We are grateful to God for His inspiring and comforting Word, which not only gives us consolation and hope, but also instils in us the conviction that though we advance in age as elderly Christians, we still have this privilege and joy to honour and serve Him.

Of course, we must not forget the many brothers and sisters who have lovingly and enthusiastically laboured in various areas contributing to a very fruitful Thanksgiving Service, as well as those who testified of their gratitude and appreciation towards the Lord.

May our prayer be as the psalmist’s: “Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come. Thy righteousness also, O God, is very high, who hast done great things: O God, who is like unto thee” (Psalm 71:18-19)! May our gracious God continue to use the Seniors’ Ministry for His glory and honour. Amen.



Angela Ang’s Testimony

I started going to church since I was 36 years old. Through a friend from Truth B-P Church, I was introduced to the Wednesday Lunch Hour Bible Study at the Bible Witness Bookroom, where I came to know Pastor Koshy, Sis Carolyn and Bro John Peh. I was very impressed with Pastor Koshy’s teaching of God’s Word. I like his teaching because he speaks loud and clear on God’s truth. This is why I decided to join Gethsemane B-P Church.

I attend the Seniors’ Ministry every Thursday held in different homes. Thank God for Eld Mah and Pr Jeremiah who preach God’s Word and pray for us. We also visit the sick in hospital and pray for their salvation. Since I joined this ministry, God has changed me. I began to open my home for Christian gatherings. Before, I was very quiet and hardly mixed with people. But now, I’ve more senior friends and sometimes we go out together to visit the sick and pray for their salvation. This helped me to be more caring and friendly. I also desire to share God’s Word by telling people how Jesus loves us and died for our sins. As my Mandarin is not so good, I mostly speak English to them, but I can understand when they respond in Mandarin.

How time flies! I have been in this church for about 6 years, and am now a member. I’m thankful to Eld Mah, Pr Jeremiah and Pr Daniel for their care, love and patience. I appreciate Pr Jeremiah and Pr Daniel for fetching us from the MRT station every Thursday. Sometimes we were late, but they never complained or got angry.

Every morning, I give thanks to God for His grace, mercy and providence, and pray for guidance, protection and strength. He has given me peace and blessed me with much spiritual blessings. May you also receive blessing from the Lord, especially those who have not believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Accept Him now because we do not know what will happen tomorrow. We do not know when we will leave this world. It can be today or tomorrow. The Bible says that those who believe in Him shall be saved and have everlasting life. Jesus has already prepared a mansion for us in heaven. Praise the Lord!


Peh Soon Seng’s Testimony

I believed in the Lord in 2006 when I followed my son and daughter-inlaw for worship in Gethsemane B-P Church. I was baptized in Dec 2006. After believing in the Lord, I have experienced much peace. I pray 3 times a day, constantly asking the Lord to keep my family safe and healthy, and to protect us in our activities everyday. When I have pain or sickness, the Lord has thus far granted me quick recovery. Though I am now 93 years old, I am still mobile – praise be unto God!

I attend the worship service every Sunday and the Seniors’ Fellowship every Thursday. I thank Pastor Koshy who often enquires about my wellbeing. Although he does not speak Chinese, I know he always keeps me in prayer. I want to thank Pr Jeremiah and Pr Daniel, who regularly fetch me to the Seniors’ Fellowship, come rain or shine. I also want to thank Eld Mah and all the preachers who have taught us the Word of God. They often encourage us to strengthen our faith in God.

At the Seniors’ Fellowship, I enjoy fellowshipping with the older members of the church. I thank God for the sisters who often enquire about my well-being. The Seniors’ Fellowship has given elderly folks like us meaningful avenues to pass our time. The highlight every year must be the one-day outing to Malaysia. Besides listening to God’s Word, we also have a time of relaxation in touring the countryside, after which we would have a sumptuous meal.

I pray that God will continue to prosper this ministry so that more older folks have the opportunity to listen to the Gospel and come to the saving knowledge Jesus Christ. All glory be to God!



Pastoral Exhortation