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Pastoral 2016

Gethsemane Young Adults’ Fellowship


GYAF is a ministry specially organised to reach out to the young adults of Gethsemane B-P Church who are in the age range of about 23-35 years. The very first time a young adults’ group was formed in Gethsemane BPC was in 1996. A few years later, when the young adults went on to form the Adults’ Fellowship (GAF), the young adults’ ministry was discontinued. Nevertheless, with more young adults in Gethsemane by the year 2007, we re-established GYAF. Praise God that till this day, it has continued under different committees, and scores of young adults have been spiritually strengthened through its ministries.

Presently, GYAF programmes are coordinated by a committee (Aron Ong, Matthew Mah, Ernest Lim, Ng Kwan Teng, Misty Nguyen, Kamalamangai). Pastor and Dn Low Boon Siang provide supervision and advice to the GYAF Committee.

GYAF serves to edify and equip young adults in the church with a strong biblical foundation for living a fruitful and effective life. We are very mindful that during this stage of their lives, many of them are being led by God’s providence either into family life or to remain in singlehood. Those who are led by the Lord into marriage, receive Biblical counsels through the Bible studies. Single adults in GYAF are also equipped with much spiritual wisdom, joy and strength to overcome their challenges and trials. We thank God that GYAF has been an effective channel in helping many youngsters to grow up to be strong, faithful and effective men and women in the church.

The brethren meet on alternate weeks for a time of Bible Study, prayer, singspiration and fellowship over meals. GYAF also conducts outings, seminars and combined fellowships with YAFers of like-minded B-P churches. Annually, a retreat is organised to spur the young adults on in the way of the Lord through messages and “Q & A” sessions. These “Q & A” sessions allow the brethren to ask questions pertaining to doctrines and contemporary issues.

GYAF thanks and praises God for keeping and blessing this ministry for His glory. “Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you” (1 Samuel 12:24).

GYAF cordially invites all young adults to join the following regular activities:

  • Fellowship activities every 1st Saturday (Please check the announcements in the bulletin for information on venue and time);
  • Bible Study with Pastor (presently on “Love God & Love Man”, based on Hebrews 10:25) every 3rd Friday (with dinner fellowship @7.30pm, followed by Bible Study @ 8.30pm).

If you would like to join the activities of GYAF, please contact Aron Ong (mobile: 8183 6395), or Misty (mobile: 8535 2285). ■


Fellowship of God’s People in Evil Times

Christians of our time live amidst unusually sinful circumstances, especially so in this present generation of our Christian youths and young adults. It is most disturbing to think how increasingly difficult it is for our young children to keep to the path of righteousness as they grow up into their youthful days.

Not only do people pursue sin with great passion, Christians are also under tremendous pressure from the world to accept the evils of our time, and adopt their ungodly philosophies, conduct and culture. Unless Christian youths and young adults conscientiously and assiduously make an effort to be different from the world, they too will be driven by the sinful aspirations that surround them today. These are very subtly introduced to them as the social norms of our time. As a result, many Christians are affected by unrestrained materialism, pride, immodesty, fornication, etc. I have known certain church fellowship groups which have been destroyed by great degradation of members’ conduct. They became profane towards God, and treacherous towards one another, with the result that frequent quarrels, divorces, fornication and adultery became common among them – thereby severely destroying the testimony and effectiveness of Christians and churches!

The best remedy is for Christians to avoid the company of their worldly friends, and be involved in close and fervent fellowship with Christians. The role of a closelyknit Christian community in strengthening individual believers to overcome worldliness can never be overemphasised. Close affinity with believers who have a commitment to God’s truths will help us develop a healthy and fruitful spiritual life.

Brethren, let us band together for the promotion of God’s truth and His righteousness. Let our communion with one another be spiritually edifying and Godhonouring. The more wicked the world becomes, the greater our need of Christian fellowship! More hearing of God’s Word and more mutual correction and encouragement would help us to live godly lives. So, let us get together for godly fellowship as often as possible – “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25).



Pastoral Exhortation