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Pastoral 2013

Youth Camp 2013 – Testimonies


In the past one week of the school holidays, a special programme for our youths was held by Gethsemane Youth Fellowship (GYF). About 45 youths participated in the Youth Camp. We appreciate the joyful rendering of service and support by the YF committee and members of the church which have made this event possible. May the Lord bless all the labour of Gethsemaneans in bringing together youths in its respective programme that many souls be saved and edified.

Jenice Choy: I truly thank the Lord for a blessed Youth Camp. I praise Him that His everlasting goodness and mercy were upon each and every one of the youths. It was certainly a blessed time of feasting on God’s Word and learning how to be an effective soul winner for Christ. I also learnt a lot through the fellowship with likeminded brethren as well as praying for one another. All glory be to God. “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever” (1 Chronicles 16:34).

Joey Lim: I thank God for the YF Camp; it was truly a blessed time of learning God’s Word and fellowship. I know from the testimonies of the YF committee that it was not its plan to have this stay-in camp, but thank our Sovereign God for His direction so that the youths might be saturated with the truth of His Word during these few days. I also thank God for the uncles and aunties who lovingly took care of us during this time.

Thank God for the messages from Jeremiah 1 that spoke to me. Pastor explained that soul-winning is more than just giving tracts; it is also teaching people to observe all things that Christ has commanded us. We have to teach, not just by words but also by our entire life. I thought, “How?” Then I realised for us to reflect Christ in our life, we need to live day by day in the presence of Christ. If we truly live in the presence of Christ, we will be obedient to Him and His Great Commission. Our Saviour would be so near and dear to us that our heart’s desire will be to tell the people around us about the love of Christ, the greatness and goodness of God.

May we see our Great King on His throne, and be faithful in “bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Almighty King, Thou art now here, We come and bow before Thy throne. Thy greatness we do fear, revere, And in Thy love, for heaven groan.

Impress on us, Thy purity, Thy holiness, perfectly bright, And by Thy grace, help us to see Our heinous sins in heaven’s light.

Gracious Saviour, and whilst we faint, Let us not sink in dark despair. With transgressions exceeding great, We look to Christ, our griefs to bear.

Thou who reignest, we dread Thy wrath, All other ways, stumbling and false. Only the straight and narrow path Pleases Thee, life’s Giver and Source.

Lord of our lives, teach us Thy way, To live in Thy presence each day. Thy Will, not one can thwart nor sway, Glory to the Ancient of Days.

Dorcas Koshy: Praise God for this Youth Camp. The previous camp which I attended was in 2010, so I thank God for another opportunity for the youths of our church to come together for fellowship and learning of God’s Word. Praise God for countless blessings He had showered upon the camp, of which I’ll name five:

  1. The opportunity to learn from two great and noble ambassadors of Christ, namely Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand, through their biographical movie. I am particularly thankful for three lessons I have learnt from their remarks in the movie.

    • “To be a Christian is to be a Christian when it is most difficult to be one” —Sabina
    • “A flower, if you bruise it under your feet, rewards you with its perfume.” —Richard. So Christians when they are persecuted will show even more patience and love towards the persecutors.
    • The promise “‘Do not be afraid’ appears 366 times – one each for every day of the year and one more for the extra day of the leap year.” —Richard.
  2. The low PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) when we went out to play games. After our games, the PSI increased again. God is in control of all things. He showed mercy that the scheduled programme might go on without interruption.
  3. The 9 promises from God to Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:4-10) that we have learnt from the messages of Pastor are strong and sure. Hence, I must claim them for myself to be an effective soul winner.
  4. The reminder that fear and our insufficiency are not acceptable excuses for not preaching the Gospel to others.
  5. The affirmation that no power can undermine or overthrow us when we go about doing God’s work.

So let us trust God who told us “Say not, I am a child,” and boldly declare the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to the world.

Amoz Choy: I would like to praise the Lord for His unceasing blessings throughout the camp. I thank God for the many lessons I have learnt from the beautiful truth of God’s Word expounded to us during the opening devotion, the main messages and discussions. The greatest and most precious truth I have learnt about being a soul winner for Christ is that when we witness for Jesus, our Saviour, we should not focus on our inadequacies, which are many, but on Christ and His promises to us in the Scriptures, which are so rich and wonderful. I pray that I will be able to apply the lessons that I have learnt, that I may be an effective soul winner for the praise and glory of the most High God.

I would also like to thank God for enabling me to organize the outdoor games. I thank God for the safety He has blessed us with, especially during the games. I thank God also for showing us that He was working, especially in the decision as to whether we should play outdoor games on the second day or the next. Thankfully, God allowed it to happen in such a way that the haze was reduced during our outdoor games time, and the situation only deteriorated the next day. Had we decided to delay the games till the next day, it would have been a challenge for me to have the planned outdoor games held within the meeting room. Indeed, God is gracious to us.

I thank and praise God for the organising committee which made tremendous efforts to ensure that the camp ran smoothly. In conclusion, I pray that all of us, starting from myself, can say, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16). All praise be to the Most High God!

Candice Delina: I’d like to thank the Lord for this Youth Camp, which has been a blessing to me. This is because I tend to lack courage in approaching others with the Gospel, especially because people whom I approach with the Gospel usually turn it down. I truly think that messages on the camp theme, “Soul Winners for Christ”, were very applicable to me. I was like those whom Pastor described as reluctant in the duty of evangelism, which God has commanded us to carry out. Also, I was always feeling the way Jeremiah did – inadequate to preach the Gospel. Even though I am nothing, when the Lord gives me a task to do, I can’t give excuses to get myself out of the God-given task. I have learnt that evangelism is God-centred, so we do not have to fear any man as God will help us to do the work.

Hence, we should not let disappointments prevent us from evangelizing others. We must preach the Gospel not only in words but also in the way we live. I thank God for these lessons that I’ve learnt in the camp.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Lord for the camp committee as well as those who have helped out in the camp in their various duties. Thank God!

More testimonies to come next week!