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Pastoral 2013

25 Questions for Self-Examination/A Quiz on the Historical Facts of Our Church


For the past 25 years, the Lord has been faithful to Gethsemane B-P Church. All Gethsemaneans have experienced great spiritual blessings from the Lord through our church’s ministries. But have we been faithful to our Lord who has been faithful to bless us according to all His promises?

Below, I have included 25 questions that pertain to our dedication to our Lord and His church. I have published 21 of them before in the church bulletin on the occasion of our 21st Anniversary. It is time again to evaluate ourselves and see how we have conducted ourselves in the church for His glory. While you examine yourselves with the question below, please be mindful to rededicate yourself to the Lord, the Head of the church, in thanksgiving for His goodness and faithfulness.

  1. Have I been faithful in worshipping my Saviour every Lord’s Day with His redeemed in Gethsemane B-P Church, to which He has led me to be a member?
  2. Have I been faithful in joining the weekly prayer meeting to pray for one another and for the work of the Lord?
  3. Would the Lord find me a hypocrite in my worship and service?
  4. Have I done my best in fostering fellowship with other members of the church?
  5. Have I sought diligently to learn God’s Word that is being taught faithfully in the church and her fellowship groups?
  6. Have I prayed regularly for the ministers of God’s Word that His Word might faithfully and effectively be preached in church meetings?
  7. Have I prayed for the elders and deacons of the church that they may remain faithful and effective in their appointed roles in the church?
  8. Have I been thankful, co-operative, submissive to godly church leaders whom God has appointed to watch over my soul?
  9. Have I invited friends and relatives to the church to hear the preaching of the Word?
  10. Have I yielded myself fervently to my Godgiven role in the church and its various ministries?
  11. Have I been exemplary in my appearance, mannerism, attitude, participation and service?
  12. Have I supported the work of the Lord with my tithes and freewill offerings?
  13. Have I shown charity towards the needy brethren and servants of the Lord?
  14. Have I been hospitable to God’s people in the church?
  15. Have I been forgiving, loving, longsuffering to those who have offended me?
  16. Have I been mindful not to gossip and slander leaders and fellow brethren?
  17. Have I been esteeming others better than myself?
  18. Have I acted selfishly and stumbled God’s children?
  19. Have I supported the foreign missions and missionaries of the church?
  20. Have I been careful not to bring shame to the Lord and His church through unholy behaviour in the society?
  21. Have I been diligent to know and exercise my spiritual gifts for the edification of the members of the church?
  22. Have I been quick to repent of my sins when I am rebuked through the sermons and counselling given by my fellow members of the church?
  23. Have I been friendly to greet others, to get to know them and to encourage them in the Lord?
  24. Have I visited the sick and the needy to cheer them up and to pray for them?
  25. Am I truly prepared for the soon coming of Christ for His Church?




A Quiz on the Historical Facts of Our Church



Do you know...

  • the date of our church’s inauguration?
  • who the supervisory pastor was?
  • which church Gethsemane BPC originated from?
  • the first location of Gethsemane?
  • how soon the new church experience a schism?
  • how many among us today are the founding members?
  • who among us today are the founding members?
  • who helped to draw the church logo?
  • what is the motto of our church?
  • the number of places Gethsemane has used for worship?
  • how many times Gethsemane had to change her time of worship to the afternoon and evening?
  • how many full-time staff do we have in CRC?
  • who manages the Bible Witness bookroom?
  • how many preachers do we have in Ethiopia?
  • how many preachers do we have in the Philippines?
  • how many churches do we have in Ethiopia?
  • how many churches do we have in the Philippines?