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Pastoral 2013

Greetings & Testimonies


Dear Pastor Koshy,

Blessed 2013 and may the Lord prosper you, your family and church leaders as all of you endeavour to serve Him faithfully and diligently, and in all the undertakings planned for the church in the new year; that the Sovereign Lord immanently and personally rules over all the affairs of the church.

Cecilia & Clarissa Lim
Wells, England



I thank the Lord for His grace, mercy, faithfulness and love to the body of believers in Gethsemane BPC throughout 2012. May the Lord be pleased to continue to shower us with His blessings as we enter our 25th year. Blessed be His Name and all glory to God Most High. May God help us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. May we never depart from our first love. Amen.

Violet Quek



I would like to thank God for 5 years of His sustenance since I came here in December 2007. Indeed, I have found a greener pasture in Singapore – the garden of Gethsemane. Thank God for the fellowship in YAF, particularly at the time when my mother died and brethren gave me a love gift though I don’t have that close acquaintance with them as a foreigner then. This has provoked my heart on the matters of giving and good works as stated in Heb 10:24: “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.”

I would like to thank God for godly leaders in Gethsemane who are watching over my soul carefully and attentively. I also thank the Lord for avenues of service such as in the YAF and the PA crew.

Thank God for sustaining my job despite recession, and conflicts within the company and yet, it was the Lord who has kept me in the company.

Anthony Evangelista



God’s never-failing and timely comfort and instructions from His Word in various trials and testings have been a cause of thanksgiving in my heart, especially in the later part of 2012. He patiently spoke to me through messages preached at prayer meeting and fellowship groups, and through my personal devotions.

I also praise God for the blessing of prayer through which He has imparted to me peace and strength to persevere in my Christian walk. Psalm 16:11 encourages us: “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Being in the Lord’s presence, and engaging in effectual prayer indeed brings fullness of joy.

Trials are needful for spiritual growth, and I thank God for using them to teach and purify me. While we look forward to great blessings in 2013, may we likewise welcome and brave trials to keep us humble and strong for the Lord’s use. Blessed be His name.

Ruth Low



Email from Ethiopia

Dear Rev Koshy,

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord.

It is by God’s mercy that we are given another new year to do the work of the LORD. GBI, Ethiopia, has completed its first two terms of training. We praise God for the students God has sent to learn His Word and to prepare themselves for the work of the LORD. We have three day class students (two full-time and one part-time) and five in the evening class after two of them dropped out because of the schedule of their work. The third term will commence on 14th January 2013. We will have one more student in the evening class.

We thank God for granting strength and wisdom to the instructors who have been labouring faithfully against all the odds. It is our prayer that God will bring more labourers to be equipped for His work.

We need prayers for the challenges that we are facing. These are:

  1. Many are turning away because of our separatist stand. However, God is able to draw His chosen ones to this institution despite this hindrance.
  2. Maintaining the work is beyond the budget of the Church. Currently, the electricity bill, the water bill and minor expenses are taken care of by my family. I know that this is also God’s providence and we do it joyfully.
  3. At times, we lack sufficient cash to pay the watchmen and other workers in GBI. There were times when we have to borrow from the building account to pay their salaries. We are still looking to God, who is the owner of the work, to stretch His hands of provision. He is God.
  4. We need to support transportation expenses of Pr Engida and Dn Imane as they travel thrice a week to come and teach in GBI.
  5. The threat of the flood is still present. Our God is transcendent as well as imminent.

Rev Koshy, I know that you are constantly upholding God’s work in Ethiopia in your prayers, and that you are doing your best to raise funds for its needs. When I am overwhelmed by the many needs of this work, I remember God’s goodness and faithfulness in providing abundantly for it thus far, and recall the commitment and sacrifices of the mother Church in accomplishing God’s purpose here in Ethiopia. Then, I get solace amidst the storms. Our eyes are set upon the LORD, who is sovereign and faithful, to bring to a good end what He has begun in us.

Please, continue to pray for God’s work. In the Church this week, we are giving training to the members in Alemgena on practical evangelism to mobilize them to bear testimony to Christ’s saving grace. By the end of this week, I am travelling to the rural area adjacent to Alemgena with GBI students to do evangelism. God willing, we are praying to do a weekly visit to harvest souls for God’s kingdom. Pray that God may grant us the wisdom and grace we need to do His work.

Please, convey our greetings to your family, the Church and all who are praying for God’s work.

Yours in Christ,

Rev Ephrem