Pastoral 2012

Practical Suggestions For Family Worship

Written by Rev (Dr) Prabhudas Koshy Sunday, 03 June 2012


As a sequel to my last Sunday sermon on “Family Worship”, I publish this article. My desire is that this article will provide all readers with practical advice on conducting family worship daily.

I am absolutely convinced that family worship is invaluable. My spiritual life was tremendously moulded, nurtured and strengthened through family devotions that my parents conducted every day in the morning and in the evening. Being convinced of the blessings of family worship, I have constantly strived to maintain family worship in my own family since my marriage. I can sincerely and assuredly say that the morning family worship is the principal thing in our home. As the head of my family, my greatest priority is to lead my wife and children in early morning worship of God, and I believe that is the best contribution in nurturing my family and guiding everyone into the Lord’s blessings.

In a world of terrible moral corruption and religious deterioration, having daily family worship is the best protection against the sins that are rampant in our society. It is also the best aid in nurturing the fear of God in our children’s heart. May our families seek the Lord that we may escape the corruption and tragedies that are predicted concerning those who do not seek the Lord – “Pour out thy fury upon the heathen that know thee not, and upon the families that call not on thy name” (Jeremiah 10:25). O, may we not be weary of calling upon the Lord!

Preparation for Family Worship

Family worship requires some planning and preparation.

Programme for Family Worship

Determine what you should do when your family meets for worship. Once decided, as much as possible, keep to your plan. In this way, you can avoid disorderliness and wasting of time.

I would suggest “an order of family worship” below, but you may have a different order that suits your situation. Be alert and watchful so that whatever you plan to do, it would be God-honouring and biblical.

Protect Family Worship

There are many hindrances that are perilous to family worship. We must always be alert to avoid them. It is impossible to discuss all possible problems and obstacles in this article. I would just discuss a few of these possible hindrances here. Let us be watchful so that we will not succumb to these perils. Take whatever precautions needed to prevent the failure of family worship in your homes.