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Pastoral Exhortation - Series of 2011

Pastoral Exhortation


Dear worshippers,

On Tuesday (17th May) at 6 pm, the 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of Bible Witness will be held in this auditorium. What started as a humble literature ministry 10 years ago has now grown to be a diversified media ministry, with 7 full-time staff, working everyday to spread the truth of God’s word around the world. BWMM has reached thousands around the globe with the precious Gospel of Christ. This is the Lord’s doing through our church. So we must thank Him readily and come joyfully to praise Him for counting us worthy to do this work.

Now I am in the Philippines. I have just finished preaching at the combined camp of the Gethsemane B-P churches here on the theme “Family Life in Christ”. There were about 100 participants. Sis Dorothy Ng and Sarah Yong taught the children during the camp. I will be preaching today at our mission churches in Bogo and San Antonio. Tomorrow morning, I will visit The Gethsemane Care Ministry, Cebu, to minister to the residents. In the afternoon, I will depart for Singapore.

Please read below a stirring testimony that Eld Mah Chin Kwang has written for the 10th anniversary of Bible Witness. See you on Tuesday in the presence of the Lord during BWMM’s Thanksgiving Service.

For the glory of His grace,

Pastor Koshy

Reaching Out to the World
Through the Bible Witness Media Ministry
Elder Mah Chin Kwang

That the Bible Witness Media Ministry (BWMM) of Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church has been in existence for 10 years is reason enough for satisfaction and joy. That the BWMM has even expanded its ministry in several areas and this despite the withdrawal of support from certain quarters because of our unwavering stand on the VPP doctrine is altogether amazing. Indeed, “HITHERTO HATH THE LORD helped us” (1 Sam 7:12), for which we bless His holy name. The Lord has certainly been gracious to the BWMM. May He receive all the honour and glory due to Him as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the BWMM.

Together with Pastor Koshy, many have served tirelessly, and not a few have given sacrificially for the cause of the BWMM. While they may not have looked for and received any reward from man for serving, we pray that the Lord Himself would be their reward. Surely, no greater satisfaction can they have than to know that the fruits of their labour have been a blessing to many, not only within our shores but even extending beyond, to the far corners of the world.

The BWMM started with the publication of a humble quarterly magazine, the Bible Witness magazine. Right now it has increased the frequency of issuance to a bimonthly magazine. Each issue is centred on relevant themes. With its foundation on the unchangeable and infallible Word of God, and written by God’s servants with a solid conviction and faith on God’s Word, the Magazine has been a source of spiritual nourishment to many. We praise God for the testimonies received from brethren who have been blessed by the articles in the Magazine. We pray that the printed word will always remain as a blessing to Bible-believing brethren. The articles with accompanying questions have been used as materials for Bible classes and discussions groups. May God be pleased to turn some non-believers to repentance and to edify His people through the Magazine.

Praise God for the vision given to Pastor and the able support of the BWMM team in harnessing technology to spread the Word. While the impact of the printed word through the Bible Witness Magazine is limited in reaching out to people in some ways, the launch of the Bible Witness Web Radio has been able to spread God’s truth far and wide. Employing the capabilities and convenience of the Internet, the Web Radio is able to reach the hands and homes in far away lands every minute of every day. Through God’s timely provision of financial gifts and brethren with God-given talents, the BWMM set up its own recording and computer facilities to broadcast the Web Radio programmes. It was certainly a joyful day on January 1, 2007 when members and friends tuned in to listen to the Bible Witness Web Radio’s first broadcast! Praise God for each one who continues to serve in planning the programme, sourcing for materials, and for brethren who gladly availed themselves for recording, editing and uploading these materials for transmission.

Besides the web radio broadcast that offers a variety of programmes that are available 24/7, one could also download daily morning and evening devotions and other programmes on demand. To meet the needs of some brethren who may not be able to attend Gethsemane B-P Church’s English worship service, this is broadcast live every Sunday morning. May all who are ill, travelling or living in other countries take advantage of this live broadcast to be with the brethren in spirit though not in person in worshipping the Lord each Lord’s Day. Videos of the Sunday sermons are also available for viewing at any time as soon as they are uploaded to the website.

The BWMM also operates a small Book Room in the heart of Chinatown. While it stocks some Bibles and other Christian materials for sale, it was set up with the primary purpose of encouraging Christians and non-Christians alike to use the Book Room for reading Christian books and magazines. The place is also often used for Bible Studies and Christian Fellowship meetings.

10 years is a significant milestone. The Lord has indeed been good and merciful to all who serve in the BWMM. May He continue to provide through His people so that the BWMM will extend its capabilities even wider to bring more lost souls to Him and that more believers would be built up in their faith. As the Lord tarries, we pray that in the next significant anniversary of the BWMM we would be able to praise God for greater things that He has done for us. May all glory go to Him.

Pastoral Exhortation