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Pastoral Exhortation - Series of 2010

DVBS In Kemaman


keehowkimamangroupMy family and I count it a privilege to be part of the Gethsemane BP Church’s DVBS team to Kemaman, led by Pr Daniel Lim. Others in the team include Bro Stephen, Sis Kim Lei and her 2 sons (Jie Wi & Jia Wi), as well as Bro Simon and Bro Ee Kuan (2 Care Ministry brothers who were of immense help to us). Thank God for enabling us to travel to Kemaman to serve, by His grace, in the children’s DVBS. This was held over 2 days: at Dr Wee’s large and spacious house on the first day (Wednesday, 9th Jun), and at the beach on the second (Thursday, 10th Jun), Friday being the Worship Service day.

Slightly over 40 children came, and they were organized into four groups – 3 Chinese-speaking and 1 Englishspeaking. Thank God for enabling Pr Daniel, Bro Stephen and Sis Kim Lei to teach in the respective Chinese-speaking children’s groups, while I helped out with the English-speaking group, not forgetting the animated efforts of my wife Annie in leading the children’s singspiration (with Sis Kim Lei co-leading as well). On the first DVBS day, the children were taught Bible lessons based on the twin-themes of “Obedience” and “Responsibility”. These were followed by a concluding Bible lesson with a Gospel theme, incorporated as part of the beach-outing programme on the second day.

Yes, there were much preparations and efforts to be made; but after going there, I realized that all these efforts were but just a small proportion of all the groundwork which Dr Wee and his family (together with a few helpers) have done, in terms of logistical support, daily provisions, all the administrative matters, transport, etc. – in short, all that is normally shouldered by a committee. Those who have been involved in organizing children’s DVBS would know the sheer magnitude of all the work behind it, which can be overwhelming indeed!

In fact, I can’t help but observe that what Dr Wee and his dear wife have been doing week in, week out is nothing short of the massive work that is being done by our children’s ministry committee. We, in Gethsemane, are blessed to have a GCM committee, led (moreover) by a full-time pastoral assistant. But I wonder how many of ourchildren appreciate all these planning and coordinating efforts. Or may I ask a deeper question – how many of our parents appreciate it, so much so that they are “anxious” to send their children to come for church activities, be it DVBS or GCM? Honestly, my wife and I were struck (and moved) by the Wee family’s tireless efforts and indefatigable spirit. Only God knows exactly how much work and resources they have put in. To do all these not just once or twice, but on a weekly basis, takes great zeal, faithfulness and undeniably, grace from above. May God’s blessings and grace be upon Dr Wee and his family, and all those involved in the ministry in Kemaman.

Incidentally, this was the second time Annie and I have visited Kemaman. The first was in Dec 1996, shortly after our 1st wedding anniversary – almost 14 years ago. How time flies! When we first went, my family consisted of just the two of us (we were without children then). We were married in Nov 1995. You could say we were eagerly awaiting our first “arrow in the quiver”, to use a biblical analogy. But as the months turned into years, our excitement turned into anxiety, and anxiety gave way to disappointment when “the gift from heaven” seemed a little long overdue. But thank
God, through godly counsel from the Bible and from our pastor, we prayed and waited upon the Lord. It was some 6 years before the Lord gave us our first child. But it was worth the wait. To cut the story short, when we visited Kemaman the second time round, it is good to note that the Lord has doubled my family size – for He has given us 2 children.

And by way of thanksgiving, my family felt moved to render a song presentation at the Church’s worship service, and I gave a short testimony as well. Truly, “Whoso offereth praise glorifieth [God]” (Psalm 50:23). May the Lord’s Name be praised!



Pastoral Exhortation